Sheila had always been tall. At nine years old she towered over her classmates at five foot eleven. By the time she was eleven she was six foot four. Then puberty had hit. And then, not only did she shoot up in height, but also her chest developed. And then some.

By fourteen years of age, Sheila stood at seven feet tall with a bra size measuring a mammoth 85 double M cup. The tall and busty young beauty attracted so much attention from male teachers that her mother took her out of high school and decided to home school her. And Sheila continued to grow...

By the age of eighteen, Sheila was eight feet tall and had a colossal 121 PPP cup bra size. Her mother had taken her to be examined on multiple occasions. The doctors had all said the same thing. Sheila had a condition known as Maximal Mammary Hypertrophy. A rare condition involving an excess of height growth coupled with extreme breast size.

She was going to continue growing until her growth spurt "burned itself out" the doctors had said. They'd offered to give her a breast reduction, but had cautioned that probably it was best to let her growth completely finish before attempting it.

And so at eighteen years of age, the eight foot tall bosomy young beauty was told by her mother to simply wait until she stopped growing. The doctors had said that was the only course of action.

But, Sheila wondered, exactly how long would that take....


"Sheila honey, make sure you stay in the house while I'm gone," Sheila's mother said. "My business trip is going to be a whole week. I've given you my cell number so if you need anything, anything at all, please call, honey".

Sheila sighed. "Mom, you've already told me this like three times. I'll be fine."

"Now look, young lady," her mother said, pointing a finger at her, "with that figure of yours if you go outside, the boys will be all over you. Like moths to the flame."

"Mom, I'm eighteen years old," Sheila said impatiently. "I can take care of myself. Please, just go. I'll be fine."

"I mean it, Sheila. No sweater is baggy enough to hide those big boobs of yours. And you know they drive the boys wild."

Sheila rolled her eyes. "Mom, just go. You're going to be late for your flight. I'll be ok. Would you just go?"

Her mother gave her a concerned glance, and was about to open her mouth to say more when the ringing of a telephone began in earnest. "Hello?" her mother said. "Yes, yes, I'll be there Mr. Stanley. Of course. Right away." Her mother hung up the phone and hurriedly picked up her two suitcases.

"That was my boss, honey. He's at the airport. I've got to go." With that, her mother stood on her tiptoes and Sheila bent her huge eight foot frame down to give her mother a goodbye kiss. "Goodbye, honey."

And with the closing of the front door, her mother rushing out to her car, Sheila realized that for the first time in her life, she was going to be alone in the house for a week's time. All by herself...


Sheila stood in the bathroom, her head nearly hitting the ceiling. She looked in the mirror at her tall and curvaceous form. "I am big," she mused, running her hands over her beachball sized breasts and glancing at the full extent of her eight foot height.

She certainly hadn't gotten her stature from her mother. It was her grandmother on her father's side who'd been incredibly busty. And tall. But not as tall as Sheila. Not nearly as tall.

Sheila looked at the contours of her breasts, stretching her top nearly to the ripping point. All of her clothes had to be specially ordered. Either from Men's Big and Tall stores for her tops, or from custom tailoring shops for her jeans and dresses.

They were never big enough. Not for her. And for any clothes that did initially fit, it was usually only a matter of months before her boobs and height outgrew them.

Being such a big growing girl, Sheila was constantly hungry. Her mother had joked that she ate more than a Men's basketball team would. Cooking wasn't Sheila's strong suit. Her mother had left a full set of tv dinners in the freezer, but Sheila was in the mood for something less bland. For pizza.

"Hi. Yeah, I'd like to order a large pizza with the works on it. Yeah. How many people will that feed? Four adults? Ok yeah, I'll take it. My address is 527 Summerset Lane. Yeah. Twenty minutes? Sounds great."

When the doorbell rang Sheila rushed to open the front door. She was starving. Usually when she and her mother ordered pizza together, her mom was the one who went to the door to tip the pizza guy while Sheila stayed out of sight in the living room. Her mom never let her come anywhere near the pizza delivery boys and never let them see her amply endowed body.

But any admonishments or cautions that her mother had given her were the farthest thing from Sheila's mind at this moment. At the forefront of her mind was eating some pizza. And so it was that the eight foot tall 121 PPP cupper flung open the front door and caused the pizza delivery boy's eyes to nearly pop out of his head...


"Oh my god," was all the young man standing at the door with her pizza could muster. Sheila was so tall that the boy face came up to the height of her breasts. And so he stared, mouth agape, at the twin 121 PPP cup breasts that pointed directly at him.

"Thank you SO much for the pizza," she said, grabbing the box from him and putting it on the counter. I am soooooo hungry. How much'll it be?

The boy continued to stare. His eyes fixated on her humungous chest. Sheila saw that his eyes were riveted on her tits and blushed. "The pizza," she said. "How much do I owe you?"

He shook his head and blinked. "Pizza? Oh. Pizza! Yeah. Um. Uh... Pizza."

"Yes, the pizza," she said. "How much do I need to pay you?"

He continued staring directly at her tits. Unable to pull his eyes away for a long moment. Then finally looked up into her eyes. "Wow." He said. Then a flicker ran over his face. A flicker of recognition. "Hey... I remember you. You're... Sheila. Sheila, right?"

The young man's now played a game of tug of war between her eyes and her huge tits. He'd look into her eyes for a moment, and then down at her tits. Before looking up at her eyes again. It was as though her huge boobs exerted a gravitational pull that his eyes could never completely escape, no matter how he tried...

"Yeah. You're Sheila McDowell. We went to elementary school together. Junior high too. And high school. For a while. I remember that you stopped going. People said you'd moved away. Did you move back to town?"

Sheila looked down at the boy. And remembered him. "I remember you too," she said. "You're Tommy. Tommy Smith. I had a big crush on you, you know."

Now it was the boy's turn to blush. "*You*. Had a crush on *me*?"

The young bosomy beauty laughed. "In third grade, Tommy."

"Oh," he said. "Well... it's Tom. I uh. I go by Tom now. And you... um... you're lookin' good, Sheila. You, uh... grew." His eyes were again fixated on her boobs as he spoke. "You really grew."

"Yeah," Sheila said, sighing. "Look Tommy, uh, Tom," she said. "My mom and I didn't move away. She pulled me out of school because she thought I was getting too much... attention. You know. Because I was growing so tall. And because... well..." She glanced down at her humungous breasts. "You know."

Tom managed to pull his eyes up off of her boobs and looked directly into Sheila's eyes. "Um... yeah. I know. Lots of guys at school were um... interested in you. I mean you made the other girls look... well... flat. And short. Noone even came close, Sheila."

"So you all thought I was some kind of tall freaky boobzilla. Didn't you." Sheila took some bills out of her purse and thrust them at Tom. "Look here's twenty dollars that should be enough. Thanks for the pizza."

"Wait," Tom said. "Noone thought you were a freak." He looked down at his feet. "Ok. Some people did. But not me, Sheila. I thought you were..."

Sheila looked at him. "What, Tom? What?"

He looked into her eyes again. "I thought you were... beautiful." Then he looked down and blushed again.

"Look, I better go, Sheila. This is my last pizza delivery of the day so I'll just head on home. I'm sorry if I upset you or anything. I just... it's good to see you. Goodbye."

Tom turned and started to open the door.

"Wait," Sheila said. "Wait. I don't see other people much when my mom's around. She's kind of... overprotective. Actually that's an understatement. Even though I'm eighteen now."

Sheila put her hand on Tom's shoulder gently. "Do you want to stay, and share the pizza with me?"

Tom turned and looked at her with disbelief. "R-really?"

"It's ok if you don't want to, Tom. I know you must be sick of eating the stuff, since you work at the pizza place."

"No I'm not. I don't. I... I'd love to stay, Sheila. If it's ok with you."

"Yeah. We have some catching up to do!" Sheila smiled and beckoned Tom in. "I want to hear all about high school. Everything up until you graduated. I missed it all from sophomore year onward."

Tom smiled, and tried his best to keep his eyes looking at hers. And succeeded. Mostly. The occasional dip to stare at her gigantic breasts was something Sheila noticed. And didn't mind.


The empty pizza box sitting in front of them, Tom and Sheila laughed. "This has been sooo fun, Tom! Hearing all these stories from you. I really missed out on a lot at school after I left, didn't I?"

"Not really," Tom said. "I mean sure there were some good times. But... Sheila, I really missed having you there. You said you'd had a crush on me in third grade." He looked down. "But I had a crush on you, too. In high school."

Sheila touched his arm lightly. "Oh come on. I'm an awkward too tall top heavy girl. What about Denise? I thought you were dating her."

"I was. For a while. She's one of the few girls I dated in high school. Sheila, I'm not exactly a homecoming king or anything. I'm just your average ordinary guy. I'm not like you. You could have any guy you wanted."

Sheila laughed. "Tom, look at me. I'm eight feet tall."

"I know." Tom said. "And that's part of why... you're so amazing. Tall girls... are awesome. And there's... there's..." his eyes ran over her bosom, "well... theres..."

"My boobs," Sheila said.

Tom nodded. "But that's not all, Sheila. Look at you. You're... beautiful. Tall. Stacked. Anyway. Thanks for sharing the pizza. And it was really great seeing you. I'd better go."

"Wait," Sheila said. "Wait." She stood up to her full height, her breasts at Tom's face height. Her head far higher. "My mom doesn't let me date guys. I've... I've never dated a guy. But she's not here now."

Sheila pulled her shirt up and over her head, letting it fall to the floor.

Tom gasped. Sheila took note of a painfully obvious erection straining against the front of Tom's pants. "W-wow," he managed. "Wow."

Her humungous naked tits pointed at him like two big beachballs, capped with erect nipples. "Do you... like them?"

Tom nodded energetically. "Yes, Sheila. God yes."

She smiled and walked toward him, putting her hands behind his head and guiding it gently against her massive bosom. "Kiss my tits," she said gently. "My giant tits."

Tom kissed her right nipple gently, then her left. Then her right. Then he put his hands both on her huge right boob and took her right nipple into his mouth. He began sucking desperately. "Mmmmmph. God, Sheila," he muttered out of the corner of his mouth while he continued to lick and suck her huge tit. "You're incredible!"

Sheila gasped with pleasure. Warm wetness spreading in her pussy. Tom's tongue on her massive tit sent waves of erotic delight through her body. "Suck them," she gasped. "Suck my huge tits!" Tom tongued her right tit, then her left. "Oh my god, Sheila." He sucked hungrily at her colossal left tit. "Mmmph! Slurp! They're so huge!"

Sheila reached her hand down and grasped Tom's hard as a rock cock through his pants. It twitched at her touch and he let out a moan of pleasure. "Mmmmm..." she purred. "You've got something big too..."


Tom pumped his cock in and out of Sheila over and over, caressing her monster tits while he did so. "You're so big Sheila," he said, grunting. "Such big tits... so tall..." The look on his face told her that he was going to cum at any moment. "So... perfect!!!!"

She felt him thurst hard and then gasp. "Oh god," he said. "That was... incredible."

Sheila smiled. "That was my first time, Tom."

Tom glanced down. "Mine too, Sheila. I haven't exactly been a hot item with the girls. And... well... I was waiting. Waiting to do it with someone special."

Sheila kissed him. "Thank you, Tom". She kissed him again, this time pushing her tongue into his mouth.

"Mmmmm," Tom muttered. "Your lips are so... full... everything about you... mmmmmm... so big... so huge... so... perfect."

"Just shut up and kiss me," Sheila whispered. And stuck her tongue in his mouth again


The next morning Tom awoke groggily. "Was that all a dream," he said, squinting his eyes to look at his watch. Looking around and realizing he was still in Sheila's house, he smiled. "Not a dream. It's pure heaven!". He looked around the room and did not see Sheila. "Sheila?" he called.

He walked out of Sheila's bedroom and into the living room. "Sheila? Oh my god..."

Sheila stood before him. Easily fifteen feet tall. He couldn't even begin to guess at her breast size other to note that her breasts were now far, far bigger than any beachballs he'd ever seen. "Look at me, Tom. I grew during the night!" Sheila was sobbing. "What am I going to do?"

Tom couldn't take his eyes off of her. "Wow. Sheila... wow."

"Wow??!? That's all you can say? If I didn't fit in before... if my mom was freaked out about letting me go out in public before... look at me now!"

Tom walked over to Sheila and stared up at the uber boobed young giantess. "Sheila... please... I'm here. I wanna help. Take a deep breath. And we'll... we'll figure this thing out."

Tears streamed from Sheila's eyes as she sobbed and spoke. "The doctors... they warned me that after having sex for the first time... the stimulation... I might grow more." She sobbed. "But they didn't say it would be like this! Not all in one night!" She continued to cry. "I'm... I'm a freak! A giant boob freak!"

"Sheila," Tom said gently. "You're amazing. I don't think you know how many guys would give anything to be with a girl like you. I've... I've always been into tall girls. Really tall girls. Tall girls with big... with big boobs. Really big boobs. My fantasy has always been to be with a... with a big boobed giantess."

Sheila looked at him with wide puzzled eyes.

"It's true, Sheila. And it's not just me. There's a whole wide world of people out there who are into this. Who are into.... you. Well, into the idea of someone like you. But usually it's just a fantasy. You're... you're a dream come true."

"That's great, Tom. But... where am I supposed to find clothes that fit? Like... jeans? A tshirt? And how about... a bra?!?!? Maybe I should call the doctor. Or my mom. What do you think, Tom. Tom? Tom!"

Tom stood staring at her. His newly hard erection pointing at her incredible body. "Um. Sorry. Uh. What? Sheila? Were you saying something."

Sheila sighed and looked at his hard cock. "You really are nuts for me aren't you. I need your help in figuring out what to do, Tom. But you're not going to be able to think until we take care of that," she pointed at his erect penis. She smiled mischeviously. "Come here...."