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Frost Giantess 
A witch tricks a Prince into letting her use his Royal Blood in a spell that transforms her into a big boobed big assed Frost Giant Queen!!!
Queen of the Colony
Dr. Tammi Greene is under five feet tall and is often called Short Stuff. But when she experiences a skyrocketing surge of genetically engineered giantess growth , she becomes the massively boobed, bubble butt, 30 foot tall Queen of the Colony!
Giantess Manor 
Carrie is Mark's step sister. And she's not about to let him inherit the palatial estate his father left behind. Not when she plans to supersize to a big boobed giantess and make the mansion... Giantess Manor!!!!
Gentle Giantess Issue 01
Carolyn just wanted to get a modeling job. She knew she needed to be taller and have bigger boobs. But she didn't expect to become 45 feet tall with giga tits! She's a gentle soul and doesn't know what to do when the police start hunting her! She's going to need help... and lucky for her, a police officer falls in love with her and decides to assist her. She's the... Gentle Giantess!
Gentle Giantess Issue 02
The adventures of Carolyn, the Gentle Giantess, continue!!!
Gentle Giantess Issue 03
Carolyn is happy with Tim, until the Mayor decides to put her to work in a profession that she doesn't like one bit...
Gentle Giantess Issue 04
Carolyn the Gentle Giantess has been forced to work at a sex club. Can anyone rescue her?
Buns N Boobs Giantess
Ms. Summers is the first human test subject for the new Instacurves growth process. It works far more effectively than its inventor had anticipated... and she becomes a Buns N Boobs Giantess!!!!
Buns N Boobs Giantess Issue 02
Judy Summers is large... and in charge! The triple z cup bubble butt giantess continues her hostile takeover using every inch of her luscious buns and boobs giantess hot bod!
Buns N Boobs Giantess Issue 03
An auditor comes snooping around to investigate why Jack Thomas signed over all his money to Ms. Judy Summers. He discovers that Judy used her powerful giantess body, uber boobs, and super buns to force Jack to give her the money. Judy deals with the snooping auditor, as only a boobs and buns giantess can!!!!!
Buns N Boobs Giantess Issue 04
Road trip time! Mistress Judy Summers, super buns and boobs giantess extraordinaire, decides it's time for a fun road trip. The kind that involves dominating any little men she encounters and forcing them to have sex with her!!!
Big Decisions 
Karen the insurance agent is about to have to make some... Big Decisions!
Big Decisions Issue 02
Karen makes the transition from timid insurance agent to domineering big boobed giantess!
Big Decisions Issue 03
Queen Karen toys with her tiny underlings and plots her next move!
Big Decisions Issue 04
Queen Karen comes under assault. But a powerful giantess like her can push back... and then some!!!!
Birthday Wish 
Little Linda makes a birthday wish. A big, big wish... and when it comes true, Linda Large decides to have some big fun... like only a big boobed giantess can!!!!!
Birthday Wish Issue 02
Giantess Linda Large has the best birthday ever !!!!
Soul Eater 
She's gigantic. She's got huge tits. And if you're bad... she'll eat... your soul!
Deena's Livin Large
When Deena gets huge new boobs and grows as tall as a building, she decides its time to start livin' large!!!!
Fantasy Giantess 
She was nerdy. Short with dark hair and glasses and small boobs. She loved playing online fantasy role playing adventure games. And when she wished she could be a huge boobed giantess living IN the game... her wish came true! Its the first issue of... Fantasy Giantess!!!!
Fantasy Giantess Issue 02
In the second issue of Fantasy Giantess, our heroine continues her sexy giantess big boobed antics in the computer fantasy land known as Kyrandia!!!!
Mermaid Giantess 
When a crew of pirates finds a golden statue of a mermaid with huge tits, they think they've found a priceless piece of booty. But when the statue comes alive and grows to a gigantic size, they've got more woman on their hands then they can handle! Stone 3D did the renders for this Giantess Mermaid comic. To check out more of his work or commission him to create a giantess fantasy of your own, visit his deviant art page at
Sexy scheming sorceress Sindra uses the dark arts to become a massively boobed giantess!!!
Giant Boob Queen
Stephanie is an archaeological treasure hunter extraordinaire. But when she finds a giant statue of a huge titted woman she's found something that's going to change her life forever ! Renders for this comic were done by Stone3D. To see more of his work check out his deviant art page at
Giantess Priestess Issue 01
A good adventuring party definitely needs fighters, a thief, some clerics. But what happens when one of the clerics worships a big boobed giantess goddess?
Giantess Priestess Issue 02
The adventure continues in part 2 of the Giantess Priestess saga. Tianne the big boobed giantess priestess worships her goddess the only way she knows how - by having lots and lots of sex!
Holly Martin
Holly Martin is a young woman who's trying to follow in the footsteps of her idol, Dolly Parton! Holly's got a name that rhymes with Dolly. And she's got a great singing voice. But there are two things Dolly's got that Holly lacks. Two BIG things. When Holly makes a wish to be "bigger than Dolly" she gets a pair of super hooters. But she also gets a whole lot more... She becomes bigger than Dolly in EVERY way. Way, way bigger!
Holly Martin Issue 02
Aspring country singer Holly Martin is bigger than her idol Dolly Parton in EVERY way!!!! This is the second and concluding part of Holly's giantess big boob tale!
Dark Elf Issue 01
Some humans get a big BIG surprise when they scout the border of Elfland looking for weaknesses prior to an invasion. They run into a 50 foot tall Dark Elven giantess who uses her mountainous tits and giant bubble butt to toy with the vastly overmatched little men!
Titty Titaness 
Tina's sad when some mean girls at the community college tease her about her small breasts and short height. The Handsome Stranger comes to the rescue with an elixir that turns Tina into the Titty Titaness, a 10 foot tall mini giantess with ginormous tits! Stone3D did the renders for this comic! To see more of his work, check out his deviant art page at
Queen Neferini 
When a team of archaeologists opens the tomb of Queen Neferini, they're in for a big surprise. A big BIG surprise, in the form of a big boobed giantess awakened from her very long slumber! The renders in this comic were created by Stone3D. To see more of his artwork or order a commission from him, check out his Deviant Art page at
Big Red Issue 01
Big Red got her name for a reason. Part of it is her red hair. Part of it is her special ability... to grow into a super boobed giantess! She's a supervillain you don't want to mess with... and she's planning a big new heist. And an expert safecracker named Mack is going to help her on the heist, whether he likes it... or not!
Big Red Issue 02
The crimson haired mega boobed criminal giantess Big Red sets her villainous plan into motion. And has a lot of cock licking pussy licking giant boob sucking fun along the way!
Big Red Issue 03
The third action packed issue of Big Red!!!
Big Red Issue 04
The Big Red saga continues... after Scarlet Fever rampages against the world's superheroes, downing them with her tit milk, a new hero emerges... Big Flag!!!!
Vampiress Giantess Issue 01
Tessa Blake is a successful business woman, a ruthless competitior, a beautiful woman and... a vampire! Not just any vampire. A vampire who grows into a super boobed giantess whenever she drinks warm blood!
Vampiress Giantess Issue 02
Tessa Blake is a Vampiress who can grow into a super boobed giantess whenever she drinks warm human blood. Powerful as she is, even Tessa is at peril when hunted by the infamous "Busenfuhrer" Vampire Hunter - the evil Heidi Hasche!
God Queen Issue 01
Adria is the huge titted God Queen of her realm. Defiance of her will carries a penalty that is quite severe...
God Queen Issue 02
Huge boobed Giantess God Queen Adria is pleasured by her slave and grants him something that he desires!
Statuesque Shawna
Poor little Shawna isn't much over four feet tall. And then there are those little A Cups she's had her whole life. Thanks to the wonders of science, Shawna blossoms into a building sized Mammazon! Renders for this comic were done by the talented Stone 3D. To check out more of his work or commission him to do a custom render for you, check out his site at
Mega Maiden Issue 01
Taletha was just a beat cop, until she became... Mega Maiden! A giantess big boobed super hero who fights valiantly against crime in Hightop City! She and her partner Deep Freeze wage war on the super villains of the city. But does Deep Freeze have a secret agenda...?
Mega Maiden Issue 02
Taletha's been kicked off the police force. She's had to find a new job... as a Giantess stripper!!!!
Mega Maiden Issue 03
Taletha repays Doc in a BIG way for his help in taking out Mike. It's a giantess lovin' session at Doc's house!
Big Shopping Trip
Julie always makes her boyfriend come along on shopping trips to the supermarket. He buys a bottle of breast enlargement pills that make Julie grow huge tits and become a VERY big girl!!!! The renders in this comic were done by the very talented Stone3D. To see much more of his work or order commission from him, check out his deviant art page at
Eione Greek Giantess
Eione is a Nereid of Ancient Greece. A sea nymph with the power to grow into a giantess with enormous tits. She has slumbered for over two thousand years, but now she's back... and heaven help anyone who tries to get in her way!
The Sand Sorceress
She's a mysterious sorceress who lives deep in the desert wastelands. She has the power to transform her body into that of an uberboobed giantess and can give ultimate sexual pleasure... as long as you are willing to pay her price!
Pirate Booty 
Mary Elizabeth York is the "Ship's Whore". Kidnapped by pirates, she's forced to have sex with them at their whim. But when the pirates land on an island with a spring that has very intriguing properties, Mary becomes a massively titted giantess. With her new giantess body and gigatits, it's time for her to get revenge on all the pirates!
Attack Of The Tit Giantess From Outer Space Issue 01
Huge titted giantess queen of the galaxy Queen Siri visits earth with an important decree. And the people of earth had better submit to her commands... or else!!!
Agent Kate Issue 01
Kate is a former CIA agent with the power to become a massively boobed giantess at will! The CIA recruits her for one more mission...
Big And Beautiful Issue 01
When a girl's aunt leaves her a clothing store and she's having trouble getting customers, what's she to do? Become a super boobed giantess of course!
Big and Beautiful Issue 02
Tina's recent growth spurts have made her into a huge boobed giantess. But she's got a clothes store to run! Her new boyfriend Ned will help her figure things out... and help her satisfy her newly giant sexual appetites as well!
Big and Beautiful Issue 03
Tina finds herself doing a photoshoot for a movie producer! Things really seem to be going her way, until she finds there are consequences to the magic that was used to make her a gigantically boobed giantess.
Angry Giantess 
A waitress at a restaurant is taunted and threatened by two men one night after closing time. The two intruders regret ever having met her when she turns into... an Angry Giantess!!!
Giga Girls Issue 01
Fiona and Kate are two grad students who absolutely hate each other. But the two find a new bond when they both become super titted giantesses!
Magical Giantesses 
Cheryl and Miki are just your typical college girls. Except of course that their moms are witches... and so they can use magic. One day they decide to use that magic... to get taller and have bigger tits! They didn't bargain on becoming thirty foot tall boobzillas though!
Large and in Charge Issue 01
Carolyn McDowell is an ambitious secretary with big tits who finds a way to grow into a mega titted giantess. She takes over as CEO of a high tech company by ramming the old CEO into her giant pussy as a human dildo and plays with the other men in the company as her little sex toys!
Princess Keelin Issue 01
Princess Keelin's mother was a tyrannical giantess. Now Princess Keelin is called on to transform into a giantess as well. Can she be a more benevolent ruler than her mother, even with the temptation of using her newly acquired busty giantess powers?!?!
Princess Keelin Issue 02
In the second installment of Princess Keelin, the giantess princess begins her search for the dragon she must slay in order to protect her people
Big Tina 
Tina is a graphic artist from Cleveland. When she's pulled through a portal into another world she becomes Big Tina, Busty Giantess!!!
Giantess Jade 
Jade is a deadly martial artist with aspirations of taking over the Hong Kong crime scene. A formula that will turn her into a super titted giantess is just what she needs!
Giantess Jade Issue 02
Crimelord giantess Jade Yang exerts her iron will over her rivals in Hong Kong!
Giantess Jade Issue 03
Jade Yang travels from Hong Kong to New York, and quickly exerts her iron will on everyone she encounters there. Her ultimate aim - to grow into an even bigger giantess...
Giantess Lab Girl
Traci has a degree in biotechnology from M.I.T. She puts it to good use modifying her own physique to be that of a 50 foot tall giantess with gigantic tits and super nipples!
Giantess Lab Girl Issue 02
In this second issue of Giantess Lab Girl, massive titted giantess Traci meets the mayor... and uses her giant nose cones to get him off!
Moving On Up
Tina wants a job at Big Tit Studios instead of at the lousy strip joint where she works. She drinks some milk laced with bovine growth hormone hoping to pump up the size of her tits. Her tits grow... and that's not all! She ends up a towering 50 foot tall giantess with tits the size of wrecking balls!!!
Giantess Squaw Issue 01
A tale of the Old West involving a young indian girl who grows up to be a Native American giantess with breasts like mountains!
Giantess Squaw Issue 02
Tits-In-The-Sky, the huge boobed giantess squaw, finds a friend and lover in army deserter Ben Kyle. Ben falls hopelessly in love and lust with the mega titted Native American beauty and helps her defend her village!
Giantess Squaw Issue 03
In this third installment of the Giantess Squaw saga, meet new Cowgirl Giantess Keystone Kate. She's determined to hunt down the Giantess Squaw and become the Best Chest in the West!!!
Giantess Squaw Issue 04
Giantess battle between Tits in the Sky and Keystone Kate!!!
Giantess Squaw Issue 05
Tits-in-the-Sky's boyfriend Ben Kyle has been abducted. And she's on the warpath to get him back! Hell hath no fury like a big boobed giantess scorned!
Giantess Squaw Issue 06
Tits In The Sky is on the warpath, looking for her man. And God help anyone who gets in the way of her and her giant tits!!!
Giantess Squaw Issue 07
Sky and Ben Kyle take respite in a cave. And Ben enjoys the sensual pleasures of Sky's amazing giantess body!
Giantess Mai Comic Issue 01
Mai is an asian housedancer at a strip club in the city. One of her fellow house dancers is tall, leggy, and busy and is always teasing Mai about her short stature and flat chest. Mai gets even and then some when she visits a Chinese Apothecary who gives her a potion that transforms her into a hugely endowed giantess!
Sorceress Giantess Comic Issue 01
Tessa Shadowna is an evil sorceress who craves power. She casts an enchantment that turns her into a towering mighty giantess with gigantic tits. Can anyone stop this mighty giantess as she begins a reign of terror that casts a long shadow across the land?
Sorceress Giantess Issue 02
Second issue of Sorceress Giantess. Shadowna the evil giantess clashes with the good giantess Leafina!